My Beauty Uniform

Have you always worn makeup?
Honestly, I didn’t even take an interest until college. In high school I stuck to the basics, a little mascara, barely there blush and Vaseline for a glossy look. Fortunately, I have a fair complexion and mildly dry skin. With a little moisturizer, there was no need to wear makeup. And only when I started noticing my friends wear makeup did I take an interest, my mom was not thrilled but at least she introduced me brands that catered towards a natural look. To sum up my beauty routine with less than five brands, I’d say Benefit, Neutrogena, Philosophy and Kiehl's were favorites.  

Now that you’re into makeup, what products do you use every day?
When I first started wearing makeup in high school, it was a battle. I was fifteen and my mom didn’t allow it, so if I wanted something I would have to pay for it. Since Neutrogena was the only drugstore brand my skin would take (I’d break out or get a rash from everything else) and there was no Sephora around, Saks and Macy’s were my only options. I was already use to wearing expensive skincare and I didn’t want to risk a cheap makeup brand so my skin would have a weird reaction, I started with a lot of Benefit products. Over the years I’ve found that Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar is the best facial moisturizer and Lancome Facial Toner, the most refreshing toner.  I use Make Up Forever HD Microfinish concealer for a sleek dewy finish, Stila blush/bronzer duo and Clinique Everlasting Mascara.  

What about your lips?
I go between a nude to pink lip during the day, a plum lip for dates and a red lip for a bold or classy look.

What do you use to care for your hair? And how do you style it? 
I swear by Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo. I rarely use products for my hair but I do love dry shampoo. I’m lucky I have thick and shiny hair (thanks to my mom), why mess with that! I also have a nice natural wave so I strut that often. 

Favorite Date Night: 
There's two in particular. Anytime a music artist my boyfriend and I like are touring through L.A. we always go see them. One weekend we saw one of his favorite artists and then met him after the show when he was packing up the band's equipment. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend was freaking out inside when he shook hands with Ben Sharp. It was a perfect sunny and breezy (and a few raindrops)  L.A. weekend, we spent the trip talking about the show, walking around L.A., watching the sunset and dining out at our favorite restaurant. 
When my sister and I moved to New York five years ago, we hit the ground running. Since it was only a temporary home for me, we packed as much as we could into our time living in the city together. It was literally our first weekend in Manhattan and since we didn’t have a lot of money, after a great comedy show we walked more than fifty blocks down 3rd Avenue. We ate pizza at midnight, laughed and marveled at the city that became least for a little bit. 

Do you have any tricks for getting dressed up?
A simple dress, statement jewelry, a messy bun and a bold lip.

What is your signature scent:
Tender Touch by Burberry but of course it’s discontinued. If you find it let me know, asap!

How do you relax at the end of a long day?
Organizing (the librarian in me), bubble baths and wine.

Do you have any rituals that help you feel great?
I have never been an athletic person. When I started high school, my parents wanted me to be active (since my siblings were star players in basketball and softball) and since I grew up in the pool my dad suggested being a part of the swim team. I’ve been swimming laps on and off for over ten years, I’ve even considered teaching swimming lessons but I just can’t seem to find the time. There’s something so relaxing and eternally summer about hitting the pool.  

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