Mini Break

The other night I was close to tears from being so exhausted, these last seven months have been busy to say the least. I've tried very hard to keep up with everything from work projects, volunteering, tending to school after the work day, maintaining this blog and trying to have a little bit of fun. And until this point I thought everything was under control, then I started assessing my personal life and well being. Besides the stress, anxiety, not being able to sleep, feeling tense everywhere, (asking myself if I ate breakfast or if I washed my hair the night before) and little to no exercise, I'm beat. It's time to take better care of myself.

 There's no room for complaining here but I cannot remember the last time I took a personal day, I love my job too much and blogging has never been a chore. The last vacation I took was more than three years ago!!! So before I have a nervous breakdown, I think some time away is needed. In nearly six years of blogging (which is very hard to believe), I have not taken more than a day off and I think a mini break is long over due. I have been very dedicated to keeping this blog updated on a daily basis. Creating quality content, researching people, brands and companies, the collaborations I've worked on, I have loved sharing all that with you. I promise I will be back, I will work on a post (or two) a week for the next month or so. Please come back and see what I'll be sharing throughout the coming weeks, but for now twice a day everyday is on hiatus, at least until school is completely over. Have a great week and see you soon :)  

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Always, Sarah


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