Antiquing With Your Sister

My sister and I just moved into together for the first time since college and as friends, partners in crime and sisters, we are having so much fun decorating our apartment. It's only been a week and half of living in our new place, but it's clear our home is mid-century modern meets casual chic (we can't stop staring and obsessing over our blue velvet couch!). Now despite my sister's distaste for mid-century modern architecture and decor, I can tell she doesn't hate it as much as she used too. And just in case you didn't know, Palm Springs is the capital of everything mid-century and also home to some of the finest antique shops. So one of these weekends we plan on hitting up a few shops to see what's out there. Are you in the middle of a move or in the mood to go antiquing? Grab your sister or a friend and hit the town. 

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