Palm Springs: 3 Spots

Since I enjoy checking out new restaurants and trying new foods, I like to get out and see what's new in my town. And while Palm Springs seems to be all the rage at the moment, here's a list that includes a few of my favorite spots, bars and restaurants I want to try and places I can't stop talking about. Cheeky's has been a popular brunch restaurant for about five years now, every time I go (which has only been a few times) it's at least an hour wait. One of these days, I will go and report back on the experience. Palm Springs Ice Cream and Shoppe is a fairly new ice cream place but it is a favorite!!! Even though I technically in Palm Desert, I will make a special trip to just go and get ice cream from this mid-century modern ice cream shop. Birba is a very hip bar/restaurant. With only outdoor seating it is the place to go during the winter. So next time you come out to the desert, try these new places. Are you one who dines at the same place every time you go out or are you up for something new on the reg. This weekend go someplace you've never been!


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