Friday Morning

Hey readers! How was your week, hopefully it wasn't too chaotic. Even though mine flew by, it was the best work week of the year. Remember that golden hour I mentioned in Tuesday's post, well whatever the reason, this was my week.  An entire year of programs and events, booked! A presentation I had been stressing over, done and out of the way. A massive weeding that has literally taken a month is finished! I could not feel any better than I am in this moment. Oh, that massive weeding of library material, I  counted roughly 650  items, buh bye books from 1977! I don't know about you guys but I've been working on my work/life balance over the last three weeks and I have to say, I feel really good. On top of the usual workload which is semi under control, I've been working on yet another pretty big and exciting project.  I plan on working over the weekend on this second project  (and attending The Writer's Festival, hello Lauren Groff) I'm also getting excited about my upcoming trip to Paris. There's a week (or two) worth of posts in preparation for the trip :) Have an excellent weekend and see you Monday!

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