Summer Challenges

How is your summer going so far? Aside from the heat, it's going by pretty slowly, which to be honest I'm glad. Usually this time of the year flies by for me. Time spent at home is focused on relaxing and working on projects whether that means making waffle pressed cinnamon rolls, hosting a nostalgic movie marathon or getting started knitting a blanket. If you remember a few weeks ago I started a little challenge, which I'm still working on by the way and one that I completed, well sort of. A few weeks ago, I promised to not watch television for an entire week and I was doing pretty well until the fourth day in. My sister just introduced Broad City to a friend and without even thinking about it I joined in because, well it's Broad City. About half way through the second episode my sister sort of freaked out and called me out, "You better not tell people you made it through your week of no tv." Almost making it, I plan on doing this again over the summer and hopefully incorporate it into my routine later into the year. How are you doing on your summer challenge? Are you following some sort of to do list over the next few months? What's on your list? What are you up to this summer? 

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