On the Lookout...

Five Women You Should Be Paying Attention Too: 

Audrey Gelman: Former Political and Public Relations Consultant and Deputy Director of Communications to New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer. Now, she's the co-founder of the coolest women's club in the states at The Wing in New York City.  

Ruthie Lindsay: One of the most remarkable and inspiring recovery stories I've read in a long time. Every morning I get up and think about everything Ruthie has overcome, when I maybe feeling down or unmotivated with life.

Jen Gotch: The woman behind my favorite retail brand Bando, Jen is one of my heroes. She's inspiring, goofy, honest and unbelievably real.   

Christina Grasso: This one I maybe a little bias since I went to college with her; but Christina's recovery story, her activism and her work ethic inspires me everyday. Also her social media is seriously hysterical.

Lauren B. Lauren: I've been following this lady for years, I've been a huge advocate of her brand/cause FEED. Every year I buy something just so it goes to feeding malnourished children somewhere in the world.  


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