Friday Morning

I'm not sure what happened this week but I just about freaked out on everybody who walked into the Children's Room while visiting the library this week. I've been working in children services for about five years now and while I love my job (and families), I cannot handle the disrespect towards people, I can't even watch children misuse or ill handle library material without wanting to pull my hair out or tell parents to watch their children as they are crawling over the furniture like it's the jungle gym. And what made me almost go ballistic earlier this week was watching this mother laugh at her obnoxious screaming little beast of a child. I do not want to sound like a grouchy stereotypical librarian but come on people, where is social decency and the respect towards one another? I'm afraid it just doesn't exist anymore. One of my best friends is turning thirty this weekend and I'll be so glad to be in the company with older people. How has your week been going?! I hope your first week of August was better than mine!!!

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