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Play Nice

I so can't wait for next weekend, my best friend is about to head down the isle and we're celebrating by having her bachlorette party in Big Bear, an intimate setting with just the girls. A weekend of cozying up in a beautiful cabin, drinking, being with the girls, a little bit of jacuzzi time and creating important memories with the bride-to-be. How do you celebrate with your girlfriends, is it big, lavish and going out on the town or is it more of an intimate gathering?
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Work Hard...

Lately my school works seems to be unending with the loads my professors have been assigning in reading, papers and projects and I really can't wait for a break, which is coming up in just a few short weeks. I try to keep the mentality work hard and good rewards will come. Until then I'm trying my hardest to remain cool, stay in good spirits and get through the insanity of this semester. How do you get through stressful periods of school, work or life in general?! 
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A Garden, I've Stolen A Garden

I was ten or eleven years old the first time I read the Secret Garden by Frances Burnett and every year or two (around spring) since then I've continued to read this treasure of book, my grandmother who is now passed gave me this beautiful edition of the timeless classic. However, when I was young girl the dawn of spring was always associated with this book. You see when I was little I had very active imagination and I would often pretend and fantasize about being lost in the most beautiful of gardens. I imagined I was Miss Mary roaming the fields of wild flowers that were as tall as me accompanied with animals as friends and dressed in hats, long dresses and forest green rain-boots to be exact and wished it would pour rain so a beautiful garden would present itself to me. Oh what a dream it would be to spend a day lost in a secret garden with flowers so big, so bright and in full bloom and a lonely swing. 
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The Buzzing of Bees

Alright, I'm ready for spring to arrive whose with me on this?! It's been a long, intense and one out of control winter for everyone!!! I know I really have no room to talk about it being cold even though I remember quite well what it's like to be in extremely icy cold weather (even though I miss Indiana dearly) but hey Spring could you hurry up already. I'm longing to wake up and hear birds chirping as I make my way outside with my breakfast in hand and enjoy the simple pleasure of an early spring morning like the buzzing of bees, dipping my toes in the shallow end of the pool where the water is still, picking fresh flowers and soaking up the sun.  What are you most looking forward to this spring?!
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Red Head Beauties

I fell in love with Jessica Chastain in her first film Jolene, then she lit up the screen in The Help and I couldn't get enough of her. I have yet to see her in her Oscar nominated roll in Zero Dark Thirty but I know I'll love it. What do you think of Miss Chastain and her gorgeous red locks?!  

Let's Get Fancy

These were just a few of my favorite gowns from Sunday evening. Kerry Washington and Jennifer Aniston completely wowed me, who was your favorite?! 

Weekend Wrap Up

Most of my weekend was time spent alone, whether it was roaming around town, eating lunch (yes by myself), getting into a good book and people watching at the local coffee house or just enjoying the quietness of doing nothing and being completely by myself. I've always been unique in the sense that I'm pretty introverted and it really doesn't bother me. Sometimes I just need my space and like to have quiet alone time, is anyone with me on this?! For the longest time I was concerned that I was a hermit or something close to, how could it be that I enjoyed being alone just as much as I like being around people. And let me clarify I have a great and close knit group of friends and I am indeed not single, I couldn't ask for a more perfect and healthy relationship, my guys definitely a keeper!  But at the same time I couldn't help but think that being introverted was a bad thing. I once read an article in a psychology class that if you can't spend quality time with…

Quote of the Day

"A hundred million miracles are happening everyday."-Oscar Hammerstein II
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Friday Movies

I can seriously read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (and the other Oz stories by L. Frank Baum) and the Wicked Series over and over. Something about this story is so mesmerizing, I'll admit I've seen Wicked twice and in fact performed in the play production of it! All I can say is I cannot wait to see the newest, Oz the Great and Powerful with James Franco!!!! What are you watching this weekend!

Friday Mornings

Well loves how has your week been?! It's been kind of a long one hasn't it?! I've gotten through my first week of big assignments and papers and I can't wait to relax a bit from homework for the weekend.  For the first time in weeks I don't have any plans for the weekend except for being curious about a Jazz and Blues Music Festival and possibly seeing a local band perform tonight and getting pumped for my bestie's bacherlorette party coming up! Other than that I'll be lounging around and trying to keep warm and so wanting to dive between all these comfy looking pillows. Have a wonderful weekend ya'll! 
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this week's favorites...

Los Angeles is Burning-Bad Religion Dance All Night-The Dirty Heads Digital Sea-Thrice Let Us Hear Your Voice-Pennywise We Stood Transfixed In Blank Devotion...-Every  Red Heart Shines Towards the Red Sun

31 Bits

My usual beach trips consist of driving to Laguna Beach and spending half the day at the basking in the sun and the rest of the time roaming the quaint little beach town. I've been at least a dozen times, however every time I go I find somewhere new that I can't help but fall in love with. Of course I've come across some pretty cool art galleries, bathing suit and sandal shops and hanging out at the cutest little ice cream shop directly across from the beach. Last summer while walking the streets and admiring the pinkish orange sunset, I found this shop that had Lauren Bush Lauren's FEED products. While perusing the store I came across 31 Bits Jewelry and I couldn't help but buy a few of their bracelets. Now I'm eyeing their neck candy and I'm simply loving these big and chunky necklaces, what do you think?!  
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Gold and Spikes

When it comes to jewelry I'm very weird, I either like to wear a lot and I like to mix and match, big, thin, gold, chunky, spikes, silver or I hardly wear any-it all just depends on my mood. Lately I've been mixing all my gold jewelry together, which I'm totally digging!! It just looks so cool. What's your preference, do you rock only silver or do you wear a lot of jewelry or do you keep it simple and just stick to a few key pieces?! Please share I'm curious to know :)
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Around Here

As far as this blog goes I have never really shared much of my personal life except for the Weekend Wrap Up, which seems to be one of the more popular postings here. I've thought about incorporating more of my real life in photos of me, my surroundings, the clothes I love, the things that inspire me and so on... so I thought what better way to introduce real life photos than of my home. Excuse me for the bright pink walls, I can't control my obsession for pops of color!
 P.S. I'm completely obsessed with this gold mask I picked up in New Orleans two years ago, I keep it on my bookshelf to remind me of the great birthday I had with friends in college. What personal treasures do you display through your home?!  
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Home Bodies

As much as I love to get out, travel and explore the local community I'm also completely comfortable being a  home body and lounging around the house and enjoy doing things like making piles that need to go to Goodwill, painting my nails and catching up on my latest magazine subscriptions and making to-do lists for myself. As a student in college, I looked forward to the weekend after big tests because that meant waking up early and heading to the local farmers market and perusing the booths for flowers, finding and trying new tasty treats and spending the rest of the day cleaning, organizing, doing laundry and catching up on guilty pleasure reality t.v. shows- I was really into Keeping Up with the Kardashians in college. I recently just got a new cookbook on healthy eating/cooking and I'm really wanting to try out some new recipes as well as working on my photography skills. When you have free time what do you like to do? 
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To Wear or Not To Wear

What do you think of skirts, do you rock them with confidence or do you stray away from them like me?! I have always had a love hate relationship with skirts, I think they're beautiful but they look funny on me and cut me off and as a shorty that isn't exactly flattering!! But I'm willing to try again with a few styles in mind (pencil, tulle, leather...), what do you think of this gorgeous tulle skirt, gorgeous right?! 
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Spring Preview

Lately I've been gravitating towards simple, solid and fresh looking outfits and Emerson Fry is always amazing at making Plain Jane look so sophisticated and chic. This is a preview of Emerson Fry Spring Collection and I can't wait to sport some of these blouses and dresses! What are you looking forward to this spring season?!
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Weekend Wrap Up...

its official, bridesmaid ready. red and white lobster ravioli-bomb!  kate spade's things we love, my valentines from my mother, great gift right?!  attending the palm springs fine art festival.  a pop of color.   cool or creepy, i think pretty cool!  sundays include a little vegetarian delight and  just made pomegranate juice. me and the bride to be.
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